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Afro Wrestling is live!

Finally, after a lot of preparation and learning, we are ready to embark on our African adventure!

Afro Wrestling is a project that highlights a group of young, proud, and feisty girls facing off on the mats of Afro Wrestling in Mombasa, Kenya.

We start with a group of 8-9 girls, which will surely expand in the future. The matches initially involve five different styles:

Submission, where headlocks and scissors are allowed on both the body and the head or neck.
Smother, where all kinds of suffocation are allowed: with the chest, with the hands, with the belly, face sitting… or any other part of the body.
Controlling holds, where the goal is to immobilize the opponent in a hold until the end of the count.
Pins, where it is necessary to keep the opponent with both shoulders on the ground until the end of the count.
Catfight, where almost everything is allowed except strangling and direct hits, but especially hair pulling.

The matches last for 20 real minutes, and in case of a tie, it continues until the next point. The winner is entitled to a victory pose or a brief domination over the loser.

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