Domination through smothering!

In Afro Wrestling, clashes are not just battles; they’re spectacles of raw intensity and unyielding determination. As Mary and Elosy face-off, the air crackles, literally, with anticipation of a suffocating struggle for dominance.
From the outset, one ebony warrior asserts her authority, subjecting her opponent to a relentless barrage of crushing holds and overpowering pressure. With each move, the mat reverberates with the force of their conflict, as bodies strain against each other in a relentless struggle for supremacy; arms, breasts, bellies and hands are weaponized to assert the fatal move.
Yet, amidst the suffocating onslaught, the underdog refuses to surrender, summoning every ounce of her strength to resist the inevitable tide of defeat. As the match reaches its fever pitch, the inevitable conclusion draws near with a facesitting smother, signalling the triumph of one and the crushing defeat of the other.

With a commanding score difference, the final hold occurs, marking the end of the brutal encounter. But victory is not complete without a final display of dominance. The triumphant warrior claims her rightful place atop her fallen adversary, asserting her dominance with a symbolic gesture of suffocation by placing her foot and then her bum on the face of her exhausted and destroyed rival. A statement of superiority!

In Afro Wrestling’s mats, domination knows no bounds.

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AW009 Mary vs Elosy – Domination through smothering!


born in: 2003

height: 156

weight: 60lb


born in: 2000

height: 154

weight: 58lb

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