Mixed action showdown!

Terry faces her biggest challenge yet: Matata. It’s the first time a man dares to challenge our ebony goddesses — will he be up to the task? Will Terry maintain her unbeaten streak, or will she taste defeat for the first time?
The battle of the sexes is on! From the opening, Terry wastes no time, launching herself at Matata with fierce determination. She leverages her weight and strength to gain the upper hand, igniting a clash filled with intense scissor holds, headlocks, and submissions that defy belief.
Terry throws everything she has at Matata, determined to conquer this new adversary.

As the match progresses, the tide ebbs and flows, with each fighter experiencing moments of dominance and desperate counterattacks. The struggle is relentless, pushing both competitors to their limits. The climax is nothing short of spectacular as one fighter finally secures dominance, while the other is forced into submission.
The defeated has no choice but to endure the ultimate humiliation, being posed on, trampled, and having their face pressed into the victor’s ass — a stark symbol of total defeat.
After the match, both fighters share their raw emotions and thoughts with the camera in the final interviews, providing a gripping narrative from their respective positions of victory and defeat.

This isn’t the end — Afro Wrestling promises more thrilling surprises and intense mixed matches to come. Stay tuned!

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AW020 Terry vs Matata – Mixed submission wrestling showdown!


born in: 2002

height: 160

weight: 65lb


born in: 2003

height: 154

weight: 58lb

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